We're Moving

Questions about the Migration

We're sure you've got lots of questions to help make up your mind about using our services. We're aware that our particular style and process doesn't suit every client so to help you make informed decisions we have collated a group of some of the most frequently asked questions that pop up in our conversations with potential clients.

Why are you changing?

As most of you will know I have run my business for the better part as a solo operator. Like many small businesses, this means wearing a lot of different hats and my roles have incorporated sales, development support and has a finite life span. As such I began exploring better ways to manage projects and look for ways to expand for growth.

In November 2016 I entered discussions with two other web industry professionals with the idea to form a new business venture and combine our services under a common name and in December we started proceedings to formally commence trading under the name of Get Webby

What does this mean for clients?

For a start it means access to a whole new range of services that we can now offer in-house which include SEO, inbound and digital marketing and pay-per-click advertising.

It also means better service, faster turnaround times and more professional support as we've invested heavily in world class software and quality online business tools.

Best of all, it means that we now have a presence in three locations including Cairns, Brisbane and Christchurch NZ which in turn gives us an extended network of industry experts.

What's going to happen?

From 1st January 2017 any new clients will join under the new business structure and come on as Get Webby clients.

Existing WebZulu clients will be contacted individually to discuss migration options and eventually all be migrated across to the the new business entity.

When will this take place?

This may take several months as we work through the list, however if you have grand visions for 2017 and wish to take advantage of some of our new services earlier then please reach out and we'll get you onboard straight away.

Who will be my contact from now on?

I will continue to be your primary contact for anything to do with your services. My email address will shortly change but mobile number 0417 625 722 will remain the same. If during the coming months you are engaging some of our new services, then you may also come in contact with one of our representatives to help service your needs.

Will this effect our current pricing arrangements?

Existing hosting plans will continue on their current levels, although in some circumstances we will require you to re-register your credit card details to be invoiced under the new company invoicing system.

Any new services offered will be under the Get Webby pricing structure which is always quoted, advised and negotiated beforehand.